Henning Award

The concept of a professional excellence award was first proposed by the Academy in the late 1980’s and was subsequently named in honor of Kenneth K. Henning, whose vision of a quality management development program tailored to the needs of state government resulted in the design and implementation of the Certified Public Manager® concept and the establishment of the Georgia Certified Public Manager® Program, the American Academy of Certified Public Managers®  and the Certified Public Manager® consortium.  The vision and leadership displayed by Mr. Henning remain to this day embodied in both the American Academy and the Certified Public Manager® Programs across the country.  His dedication and belief in improving and strengthening public service remains a legacy that the Academy is proud to honor annually with the presentation of the Henning Award.

Joyce Doakes SmithJoyce Doakes Smith, CPM, Oklahoma Certified Public Manager® Program Coordinator, and a 24 year public servant in state government, was selected as the 2015 Henning Award recipient. She received her CPM credential in 1997 through the Oklahoma CPM Program. Joyce is the second Oklahoman to receive the Henning Award.

Ms. Smith has served as President of both the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Managers® (2006) and the Academy (2010). During her tenure as President of AACPM, the National Capital Region Society was chartered, the Alabama Society was re-chartered, and the Texas Society was revitalized.

During her AACPM Board term Joyce was a featured speaker at CPM graduations and events in Arkansas, Texas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Additionally she served as a delegate to AACPM’s governing body, the House of Delegates, many times over the past 15 years. She has served her Society in almost every role as a board member, President, and committee chair. Her commitment to the cannons of the CPM philosophy has been demonstrated throughout her career. “Although all the nominees were deserving of the award, Joyce was the unanimous choice of the selection committee,” said Stephen J. Mastro, CPM of North Carolina, 2013 AACPM Henning Award recipient and Chairman of the 2015 Henning Award Committee. “Her career accomplishments, community activities, and efforts for both the Oklahoma Society and the American Academy set a high standard for all CPMs to emulate. She truly represents the very best of Certified Public Managers®.”

Among Smith’s career and CPM highlights are:
• For the past two years served as Oklahoma Certified Public Manager® Program Coordinator and led the program successfully through reaccreditation in 2013.
• Served as the Quality Oklahoma Program Coordinator 1999-2012 implementing the state performance excellence program and receiving the agency 2011 Employee of the year as recognition for her leadership.
• Graduate of the Carl Albert Fellowship Program and the State Mentor Executive Program.
• Served AACPM as Committee Chair for Elections, Bylaws, Program, Conference, Finance, and Mentoring Committees. Served as House of Delegates representative from Oklahoma 2005 to present.
• Served OSCPM as a member of various board and committees. As a member of the program committee has planned and executed annual programs that have provided continuing education for up to 400 participants at a one-day event.
• Worked to draft and pass in Oklahoma House Bills 2099 & 1332, and Senate Bill 571 allowing state agencies to recognize and reward state employees for outstanding performance.
• Establish and maintains a listing of state-approved strategic planning consultants for agencies to utilize during the development of their five-year strategic plans.
• Member of the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium 2000-present and as a member of the Governance committee 2012 to present.
• Has served on leadership teams in several state and local organizations including the State Training Coordinator Council, Sooner Unit Parliamentarians, Wild West Chapter of the State Government Meeting Professionals, Governor’s Performance Team, American Society of Training Directors, and the Federal Executive Board’s Interagency Training Council.
• Established and coordinates the SHARE program where State Employees are provided one hour per week of paid leave to participate in the tutoring of students in public schools.
• When she co-chaired the agency State Charitable Contributions Campaign the results exceeded the projected fund raising goal.
• In her community, Joyce contributes time and resources to multiple causes, including but not limited to: Walk-a-Mile in My Shoes, Multiple Sclerosis Walk, Regional Food Bank, Drama
Director for community theater, and the “Fill a Back Pack” Program at her church.

Ms. Smith was one of three AACPM members who were nominated for the 2015 AACPM Henning Award. Other nominees included Dianne Hughes of Wisconsin, and Linda Jefferson of North Carolina.

The Henning Award is named after Kenneth K. Henning of Athens, Georgia, whose vision of a quality management development program tailored to the needs of state and local government resulted in the design and implementation of the Certified Public Manager® concept. His hard work and dedication in the mid-1970s in Georgia was responsible for the establishment of the Georgia Certified Public Manager® Program, the American Academy of Certified Public Managers®, and the movement of the Certified Public Manager® concept to other states.  The Henning Award was first bestowed by the AACPM in 1990.  Smith is the 25th recipient of the annual recognition, and will serve as Chair of the 2016 Henning Award Committee, which will select the 26th annual award recipient.

Note: Due to the organizational transition to ASPA during 2013-2014, there is no Henning Award recipient for 2014.

2013: Stephen J. Mastro (California)

2012:  Jeffrey A. Kramer (Arizona)

2011:  Deborah J. Smith (Oklahoma)

2010:  Gregory D. Hyland (Arizona)

2009:  Julie Rupp Felice (Utah)

2008: Gail P.  Gibson,  RN MN CPM (Louisiana)

2007: Kay Nidiffer Rogers (South Carolina)

2006: Edward R. Burt III (North Carolina)

2005: Ronald L. Buchholz (Wisconsin)

2004: Larry Totten ( Kentucky )

2003: Thomas H. Patterson  ( Louisiana )

2002: Barbara Pepper (Mississippi)

2001: Craig D. Odekirk (Utah)

2000: Haywood Poole (North Carolina)

1999: Diana Schouest (Louisiana)

1998: Patricia Hagler (North Carolina)

1997: Ed Phillips (North Carolina)

1995-96: George C. Banks (Florida)

1994-95: Margaret J. Bailey (North Carolina)

1993-94: George C. Askew (Georgia)

1992-93: Richard Blake (New Jersey)

1991-92: Bobby Ann Clark (Louisiana)

1990-91: Paulette Laubsch (New Jersey)

1989-90: Nancy DeWitt (Louisiana)

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