Fran L. Wilkinson Scholarship

This memorial scholarship is affectionately named after Fran L. Wilkinson, a leader in the CPM program at the state and national levels. Fran served as President of the Georgia Society in 1983 and chair of the National CPM Consortium in 1987.  Fran passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 1990, and the Academy voted in 1994 to name this annual scholarship in her memory as a token of remembrance, affection and esteem. Up to two $750 scholarships per year can be awarded to Academy members for educational pursuits.
The 2013 Wilkinson Scholarship was presented to Jeff Kramer, CPM from Arizona, at the AACPM Awards Banquet at the Grove Hotel in Boise, Idaho on September 24, 2013.  Jeff is a member of the Arizona Society and currently works for the Maricopa County Department of Transportation as their Roadway Operations Division Manager.  Although along with his CPM he has already attained his Professional Engineer credential, Jeff is pursuing a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Construction Management at Chandler University. The deadline for the 2016 AACPM Wilkinson Scholarship is February 25, 2016.

CPMEF 2016 Wilkinson Scholarship Letter

Wilkinson Scholarship Application Form 2016


Past Scholarship Recipients

2012 & 2013:  Jeff Kramer (AZ), Tricia Foster (NH)   2011:  Lynn Ann Keeling (KY)  2010: Lynn Ann Keeling (KY), Tricia Foster (NH) 2009:  Julie Farris (AR), Tricia Foster (NH)  2008:  Rebecca Conley (KY), Julianna Carvi (OH) 2007:  Patrick E. Brown (KY), Sharon Kelley (WI) 2006:  Deidre Lynn Jones (FL), Greg Hyland (AZ)  2005: Torry L. Edwards (TX)  2004: Nikki LeMaster-Butler (MS), Ronald S. Volkerding (OH)

2003: Gloria Rennels (OK), Ron Stallworth (UT)

2002: Steve Mastro (NC), Barbara Taft (OK)

2001: Margo George (AZ), Ronna Owens (MS)

2000: Jennifer Crosby (SC), Shelley Lee (AR)

1999: Carrie Rohr (OK)

1998: Pat Ashford (MS)

1997: Sharon Lee (LA)

1995-96: Sharon Lee (LA)

1994-95: Charles Handrich (LA)

1993-94: Mary Brewington (OK)


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