AACPM Leadership Award

The AACPM Leadership Award is intended to recognize and publicly celebrate an inidividual’s service, accomplishments and status as an informal leader among the members of the American Academy.  Criteria for the Award include the awardee materially improved Academy program(s) or initiative(s) on behalf of the membership and in consultation with the AACPM Board of Directors; volunteered as a member, not as an elected Academy officer or board member; demonstrated leadership and communicated effectively with all interested parties; and sustained focus and energy over at least a one year period.  ( Prior to 2013 this award was named the President’s Award


Riva Tisdale, Idaho Society, Receives 2012 President’s Award 

The President’s Award, first presented in 1999, is given by the standing president to acknowledge, recognize, and publicly celebrate outstanding service and accomplishment within the Academy. Reva Tisdale of the Idaho Society of Certified Public Managers® (ISCPM) is the 2012 recipient.

Reva has been active in the Academy and her Society since its chartering, and continues her involvement in and dedication to the Idaho CPM Program, the Idaho Society and AACPM year after year. Reva served as President of the Idaho Society in 2008, and was elected to the Academy board of directors as Treasurer, serving in that position for four (4) years from 2009 through 2012. She served as a Delegate for Idaho in the Academy’s House of Delegates four (4) times, and has served on numerous committees at the Society and Academy levels. In 2013 the Idaho Society will host the AACPM annual conference, and Reva is serving as the host Society conference chair for the event, to be held in Boise, Idaho.

In presenting the award, AACPM President Keith Heaton mentioned that he relied heavily on Reva to keep him in check and aware of key issues, and that he truly appreciated her assistance throughout the year. He believes Reva is a premier example of a Certified Public Manager®.


Past Leadership Award Winners

2011:  Shirley Hollis (KS)

2010:  Debbie Smith (OK)

2009:  Joanne Robertson (FL)

2008:  Larry Gordon (AZ); Bill Herman (AZ)

2007:  Stephen J. Mastro (NC)

2006:  Ardie A. Davis (KS)

2005: CPM Survey Project Team – Theresa Jarvis (NH), Linda Kennedy (NH ) Kathleen Moulis (NH), David Perry (NH),  Daniel Millis (NH), and Daniel Lennon (NH)

2004:  Gregory D. Hyland (AZ)

2002:  Charlene Farmer (NH)
2000:   Craig Odekirk (UT)

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