The American Academy of Certified Public Managers® (AACPM) is a professional association of public sector managers established in 1984 to promote a high professional, educational and ethical standard in public management.  The seven charter Societies of the American Academy were Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina and Oklahoma.  In 2012, AACPM became a professional Section of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).

Originally, AACPM membership was open to individuals who had earned the designation of Certified Public Manager® (CPM) through a management program accredited by the National Certified Public Manager ® Consortium, or who were enrolled in an accredited CPM program.  As a result of its affiliation with ASPA in October 2012, membership has opened to anyone interested in enhancing and improving the profession of public management.  For information about membership in AACPM, please visit the ASPA membership page and select American Academy of Certified Public Managers® as your Section of choice.

If you are a curent member and would like to renew your membership, please Renew your membership.

If you would like to become a member of AACPM, please Join Now.


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